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Midas Touch Interior Designers Services



  • Obtain all relevant information and brief from the client

  • Prepare block plan/preliminary layout/space analysis

  • Prepare preliminary costing

  • Prepare preliminary program

  • Obtain confirmation of appointment

  • Obtain signed off Service Agreement from Clients

2. Design Development

  • Prepare check-list on Client’s requirements

  • Prepare final design concept and layout with client

  • Obtain signed off final layout from client

  • Obtain approval on final finish schedule & material specification from client

  • Prepare finalized estimate and issue drawings for necessary action

3. CONTRACT Documentation & Administration

  • Prepare document, drawing ,specification fit-out contract

  • Construction Drawings

  • Design Concepts

  • Finishes Selection

  • Furniture Recommendations

  • Signage, Plants & Accessory Recommendations

  • Furniture Specifications

  • Technology Coordination

  • Security Coordination

  • Signage, Plants & Accessory Specifications


  • Conduct regular site inspection

  • Prepare defect list

  • Issue practical Completion

  • Certify all progressive claims and invoices for client to make direct payment to various vendors, contractors.

5. Finalizations

  • Conduct site inspection along with the client note any modifications required

  • Complete defects rectification work if any

  • Handover the site

  • Obtain retention sum

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